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A Guide to Improving Your Hair's Health with the help of Amla

A Guide to Improving Your Hair's Health with the help of Amla

Amla, known as Indian Gooseberry, has been one of the principal ingredients for our hair care from ancient times. There are huge benefits of Amla to grow and keep your hair healthy. It holds a huge demand for women passionate about their hairstyle and hair growth. 

Amla is a natural hair care ingredient because it is a natural immunity booster. It contains different hair growth-friendly components that help with various hair problems.

Amla Consists Of:

  • Amla contains fatty acids, which are important to give strength to the hair vesicle. It also helps to shine your hair for a very long time.
  • Amla is enriched with Vitamin-c that stops premature greying of your hair.
  • Amla is good for hair because it contains iron and anti-oxidants. Ellagic and Gallic acid helps to increase blood circulation around the scalp. It ensures the probability of healthy inches around the scalp.   

There are different ways to use Amla for your's hair growth. You can use Amla Oil, Amla Juice even Amla Powder. You can make these preparations for Amla at your home, buy ready-made from any recognized AyurVedic Shops, or online like Asna Beauty.

Benefit of Amla

Amla can be used for :

  • To prevent extreme hair loss.
  • To stop premature greying of your hair.
  • To fight against unwanted dandruff.

Let's elaborate on each of the above points to clarify our discussion.


  • Preventing Extreme Hair Loss:

Hair loss is not a matter to be worried about. It is quite a natural process. A person loses a maximum of 100 hairs daily. But the problem creates when the amount of hair fall increase. It does not mean that these numbers will proceed you to a bald person. There is a certain treatment, and many people are taking medicines from doctors.

Before approaching a hair fall treatment, you must consult with a general physician to understand your actual problem. 

There are several reasons for hair falls like problems with hormones, anemia, the manual disorder of taking foods, lack of Vitamin B in the body, and many other reasons. Too much stress in your life can also be the cause of massive hair falls. 

Remember that you need to consult with a doctor in this case of too much hair falling. But if you massage your Scalp with the Best Amla hair Oil, it would help the growth of your hair. You need to warm the oil and massage it around the scalp of your hair. 

Trust me; you will get a positive result from massaging.


  • Helps to Stop Premature Greying:

When the melanocytes fail to produce the pigment, our hair turns grey. It is the main reason behind the original color of our hair. The cells of our hair need Vitamin B12 to produce the pigments. If there is a lack of Vitamin B12 in your hair, it will become greyish. In a research report, it has been said that when you cross the age of 30, the power of producing color pigment of the hair cell is reduced by a huge margin. 

There are also many other reasons for greying of the hair, such as problems with thyroids, anemia even genetic disorders. Research also says that if our cell produces too much Hydrogen Per-Oxide, it will cause premature greying. With the evolution of technology, many treatments are available to fight against greying. There are many dermatological treatments or lesser treatments available on the market. But before you discuss it with the doctor, you can try out Amla therapies at your home.

At first, perfectly mix two tablespoons of Amla and Almond Oil. Gently massage the mixture around your scalp.  

You can wait for 3 hours and clean your hair with shampoo. 

A Hair specialist another method. Make a paste with 3 spoons of Amla Powder and 4 spoons of henna powder, and a spoon of fenugreek powder. Add water to make the paste. Keep the paste for one hour, and then apply it to your hair. You have to wait for 45 minutes before bathing. Add an egg to the mixture if you want to shine your hair. 

  • Fights against unwanted dandruff:

Do you know Amla is also effective against unwanted dandruff on your hair? But it would help if you remembered that there is no exact treatment for dandruff worldwide. It is just a natural skin condition that affects the entire population. Too much dandruff in the hair irritates our daily life, and treatment becomes necessary. 

You can apply amla treatment at your home to fight against dandruff. Mix the same amounts of shikakai and amla powder in a pot. Add yogurt with them to make a smooth paste. When the mixture is done, apply it to your hair after 30 minutes. Then clean your hair with shampoo. No need to do it frequently; use it once a week.

Amla fruit juice is also very effective for hair growth. It contains Vitamin C, iron, and other essential ingredients that help purify your blood and keep your body fresh and healthy. It helps to keep your scalp healthier. 

You can also use amla juice as a conditioner. Keeping your hair nourished is not easy; add an egg to the amla juice and apply it to your scalp and hair. See the results. You will be amazed.   


So, if you are looking for a way to improve your hair's health, using Organic Amla oil is a great option. Amla oil has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to promote healthy hair growth and strengthen hair follicles. It is also a natural source of vitamin C, which helps keep your scalp healthy and free from infection. If you're interested in trying out this ancient remedy, you can use Asna Beauty organic amla oil for hair. Thanks for reading!

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