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Our Story

Our goal at Asna Beauty is to inspire, uplift, and educate millions of women & men who were bound by limited ideas of who and what was beautiful. In the years ahead we believe the structures of beauty will be unshackled, driven by a return to heritage and our roots.

monica miglani

Monica Miglani

Founder & CEO

Born in Rhode Island, Monica was fortunate to spend  many months in India, allowing her to embrace traditions of her ancestors. Her time living in India taught her the Ayurvedic practices of her mothers, while educating herself on the importance of pure ingredients and intention within beauty rituals. Through her journey in Manhattan, Monica realized the term “Ayurvedic” had taken on a new form, which did not meet her family’s requirements. Despite her best efforts to inform her friends of beauty’s fabricated claims; there weren't any alternatives.  So Monica began the journey of creating her own tree-to-bottle beauty brand, utilizing her family's amla farm in India.

The Amla Farm

For generations our family Amla farm has been creating pure ayurvedic Amla products by picking each Amla at its peak ripeness in order to extract the most nutrients from this super fruit. My childhood memories bring me back to my family farm, watching my mom picking Amla during the first harvest of the year. She would guide me through the rows of Amla trees sharing her stories and wisdom, just as her mother did with her. From her I learned the process of creating nourishing ayurvedic products. Some of my fondest memories as a child was my mother massaging our family Amla oil in my scalp and hair, braiding them into two little pigtails. My family’s ayurvedic Amla oil blend have been perfected over generations. Asna’s premium amla blend is handcrafted from my family’s time-tested formula, using premium organic ingredients directly sourced from our farm.

The Story of Asna

The name Asna is derived from the Sanskrit word Asana. Asanas are directly translated as a position for the corporal body that provides physical and spiritual benefits. In other words, a position in which you find yourself in harmonic vibration with the universe. However, an Asana is not just a physical position, but the very condition of your energy, a way of being. By providing clean, sustainable products, and a wealth of knowledge passed through generations, we hope that you begin to learn the ways in which you can best direct your energy to allow yourself to grow to your maximum potential of beauty and wellness. 

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