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Unlock your hair's potential with the power of amla

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Amla: The Mother of Plant Medicine for Hair

Amla Berries have 20x more Vitamin C than oranges; a key nutrient in revitalizing and maintaining your hair and scalp health.

Sustainably Sourced From Our Family Farm

Our Amla is not only good for your hair, but for Mother Earth where it's growing as well. It is our duty to care for our planet, our one home.

Ancient Method of Hair Nourishment

Our organic amla hair oil is packed with antioxidants which contribute to cell regeneration and promote healthy circulation to the blood vessels in the scalp.

Nature's Superberry

Why amla is your hair's new superfood

When your hair harnesses the healing power of amla berry it uses the antioxidant abilities to hydrate, strengthen and clean your hair and scalp. Learn more about this medicinal Ayurvedic fruit.

Our Ingredients

I've never used an oil quite like this. My hair is soft, shiny, and looks so healthy. The ingredients are so pure I can use it every day!

Hannah Normand

I've been wanting to embrace my natural hair texture and pattern and Asna's Amla Hair Oil has completely restored my hair and scalp health, even after years of damage. I'm so impressed!

Zaineb A.

I grew up with memories of my mothering oiling my scalp. This practice has kept my hair so long and healthy as I've grown, I'm so grateful for Asna for helping me carry on this tradition!

Priya Krisnamoorthi

This oil is luxurious and all natural! And the smell is heavenly! ★★★★★"

Bianca Jones

Of the Earth, For the Body

From Our Amla Orchard to Your Bottle

We believe in the power of organic ingredients, clean labels and a sustainable product made of plant based materials and a glass bottle. Honoring the hair and the earth.

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